When an idea is born
it deserves
to be protected

The traditional system has taught us that patenting is the right choice. However, this takes a lot of time, energy and investment; there is no guarantee of protection of your idea, and the scope of application is very limited. In addition, filling for a patent doesn’t mean that it is granted. Often, this is a waste of time that leads nowhere.

Because of these weaknesses, third parties try to take advantage and use such ideas for their own benefit.

Patent system

The traditional patent system has proved unsuccessful at adapting to today’s needs.
We would have to be part of the Intellectual Property environment to be able to verify the evidence that our inventions provide and extrapolate the results to reality.


From WPC, we believe in evolution as an engine for change, and we want to be by your side from the creation and protection of your idea to making it happen. We want to do this by providing the best solution for you or your company, using ultimate blockchain technology within a system of trust and transparency.

Register your idea with World Patent Centre

The patent evolution.
The new world needs new tools.

• Focused on small creators, startups and SME’s

• For the global market

• The ultimate Blockchain technology

Blockchain appeared in 2008, being the system created for the first crypto currency. Since that moment, people benefited from this decentralized ledger.

The aim was to provide a system of security and trust, through which each person could verify the transactions without the existence of a central authority.

Now blockchain can offer us many uses independent from all these crypto currencies. In 2022, we can apply it in a few different ways.

So as to avoid third parties, Blockchain could enable individuals and companies to identify their own innovation and place it on record with its technology.

Benefits of Blockchain

Decentralized network

Without a central authority, each transaction is verified by the ecosystem, providing a system of transparency and reducing the number of transactions.

Worldwide registration

A single record accessible to each part of the ecosystem. A copy of each transaction resides on many computers globally.

Timestamp proof

Each transaction is recorded chronologically and cannot be deleted, being the proof of authenticity and transparency.

Cost saving

Reducing the number of transactions and without the existence of a third part that takes benefit.